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... and mainly:
Acquiring More Customers: Assistance in transforming casual viewers of your business into actual, paying customers.
Staying Ahead of Competitors: Gain insights into what your competitors are doing, paired with strategies to help your business outperform them.
Business Metrics Made Measurable: Receive clear, quantifiable data about your online performance to help monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.
Improved Conversion Rates: Benefit from optimized marketing strategies designed to increase your conversion rates, leading to more sales or leads.
Getting Your Business Noticed: Utilize techniques to enhance your online presence, thereby increasing awareness and attraction among potential customers.
Cost-Effective Solutions: Discover the value of PPC and landing page optimization services to maximizing your return on investment.
Our Approach
Holistic View: We consider the entire system of online attraction, not just a separate part of it. This allows us to see the whole picture and "treat" exactly what is causing problems. This results in more effective and comprehensive solutions.
Comprehensive Approach: We analyze the market and competitors, working simultaneously on advertising campaigns and website optimization. This ensures all aspects of your online presence are aligned and working together, maximizing your return on investment.
Focused Strategy: We do only what is really necessary. We immerse ourselves in each situation and offer a list of actions with justification, explaining what is needed and why. This means no wasted effort or resources, ensuring every action is purposeful and contributes to your goals.
Experienced Team: With over 8 years of experience in a highly competitive market and having helped more than 100 clients, we have encountered a wide variety of situations. This means we're well-equipped to handle any situation, giving you peace of mind that your business is in good hands.
Data-Driven Decisions: We apply a data-driven approach, basing all work on data, not "hallucinations and guesses". This ensures our strategies are grounded in reality and are more likely to yield positive, predictable results.
Latest Tools: We use all the relevant tools of Google Ads and Google Analytics. This ensures your campaigns are optimized using the latest techniques and insights, keeping you ahead of the competition.

The benefit here is clear: by focusing on user experience and making the buying process as smooth as possible, we can significantly increase your conversion rate. This means more sales from the same amount of traffic, boosting your profitability without needing to increase your marketing spend.
CRO Methods Application:
Here's an example of how even a small change can lead to a significant boost in conversion. In this case, we made changes to the mobile version of the site to make the purchase process more convenient.

The result? A 45% increase in conversion.
We apply conversion rate optimization (CRO) methods. Optimizing your site's conversion rate allows you to get more out of all the traffic on your site, not just from advertising.

This means you'll get more sales from the same volume of traffic, significantly increasing profitability. The benefit here is a higher return on investment, making your marketing efforts more cost-effective.
Case Studies
Kayak Tours
Conversions: 57
Conversion Rate: 2.9%
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 138%
Conversions: 97
Conversion Rate: 5.78%
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 648%
First 2 weeks after setup
Services Utilized:
Google Ads Audit
Google Ads Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Landing Page Audit
Location: Wisconsin
Website: WordPress + FareHarbor
Conversions: 27
Conversion Rate: 1.6%
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 462%
After: First 2 weeks after setup
Conversions: 35
Conversion Rate: 2.52%
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 1112%
Services Utilized:
Google Ads Audit
Google Ads Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Landing Page Audit
Boat Tours
Location: Houston TX
Website: WordPress + FareHarbor
  1. Account and campaign structure and settings
  2. Setup and tracking of conversions
  3. Ad group structure and its landing page relevance
  4. Ad keyword list, including its depth, reach, relevance, and match types
  5. Negative keyword list
  6. Budgeting and bidding strategies
  7. Relevance and effectiveness of ad copy
  8. Additional targeting settings, such as audiences, geotargeting, and ad scheduling
  9. Ad extensions, including call, sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, and images
  10. Overall performance metrics, such as conversions, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and return on ad spend
  11. Detailed performance segmented by key factors like keywords, devices, locations, and demographics
  12. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup
  13. Landing page audit and tips for superior performance

Result: Comprehensive 30+ pages PDF report detailing Google Ads examination results and optimization strategies + List of recommendations

Receive a detailed PDF audit, analyzing your campaign and providing recommendations for improvements
Delivery: 3 days
Price: 100$
Campaign Audit
Campaigns audit plus a thorough audit of your landing page.
Delivery: 5 days
Price: 150$
Campaign + LP Audit
Campaigns + LP Audit + Implementation of suggested changes/optimizations, campaign restructure, or complete rebuild
Delivery: 7 days
Price: 350$
Audit + Implementation
Google Ads Audit
  1. Comprehensive setup of your Google Ads Account
  3. Target audience-specific Keyword Research + Thorough negative KW list
  4. Optimal campaign structure with separate relevant adGroups
  5. All Campaign types suitable for Your Business
  6. Creation of high performing relevant ads and assets
  7. Landing page improvement recommendations
  8. Ad Scheduling, Device & Location Targeting
  9. Budget Recommendation & Optimization
  10. Google Analytics Setup
  11. Re-marketing / Retargeting Setup
  12. Conversion Actions & Tracking Setup
Full account setup, with no restrictions on campaign types, keywords, and campaign types.
Delivery: 7 days
Price: 300$
Campaigns Setup
Full account setup + management, with no restrictions on campaign types, keywords, and campaign types + GDS visualization report
Delivery: 7 + 30 days
Price: 450$
Setup + Management (1 month)
Google Ads Setup
Full account management, with no restrictions on campaign types, keywords, and campaign types + GDS visualization report
Delivery: 30 days
Price: 300$
Management (1 month)
Management & Optimization
  1. Keyword Search Review: Adding new KW, identifying KW that are not performing well, testing match types.
  2. Search Term Audit: Add extra negative keywords to stop unrelated searches.
  3. Ad Review: Evaluate relevance, conversion rate, Quality score.
  4. Ad Copy Split Testing: Testing the best performing headlines & descriptions and the best positions for headlines & descriptions.
  5. Ad Extensions Check & Recommendations.
  6. Quality Score Management
  7. Bid Optimization: Audience & Demographic Targeting.
  8. Location Targeting (and exclude locations): Review location performance and add bid optimizations.
  9. Landing Page Review: Provide recommendations to improve landing page conversion.
  10. Google Data Studio Dashboard - a transparent, real-time overview of how your investment is being utilized and the returns it's generating, ensuring you are always informed about your business's online advertising impact
My name is Sergey. I'm a digital marketing specialist with expertise in PPC, web analytics, website development and CRO.

I'm founder of Kosmo-marekting, a small team of dedicated professionals in digital marketing.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve exceptional results through PPC advertising and data-driven strategies. With a passion for continuous improvement, we provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

Let's work together to elevate your digital marketing and drive success.
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