High-Converting Septic Service Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

Septic service website anatomy

Anatomy of a Septic Tank Installation Company Website

Hello everyone! Let’s dive into the anatomy of a septic service website designed for a septic tank installation company. Imagine you’re a potential customer and you land on their 1st screen. The first screen addresses 3 key objectives:

  1. Confirmation of Relevance: It ensures the visitor has arrived at the right place – the service they were looking for, within the specific location they’re in.
  2. Presenting the Offer: It showcases our offer, designed to meet the visitor’s needs and pain points.
  3. Motivation: It encourages the visitor to continue reading and learn more about our company and services.

We achieve this using the Know, Like, Trust principle. We inform about our offer and company, establish a personal connection through the individuals behind our company, and build trust through evidence and facts.

The very first thing you’ll see is a strong headline: ‘Protect Your Home With a Reliable Septic System.’ This immediately establishes the company’s expertise and addresses the problem they solve. Right below the headline, you’ll see a friendly photo of the owner, Mark Wilson. This adds a personal touch and shows that he’s experienced in the industry. Next, the website highlights key features like ‘Over 30 Years of Experience,’ ‘5-star Rated Solutions,’ ‘Turnkey Installation with a 5-Year Warranty and Guaranteed On-time Completion.’ In the header, we show the location, in this case, Southeast Michigan. Also, offer contact information – phone, email, and social media – with bright, contrasting buttons that say “Get a Free Quote.”

Right below the 1st screen, you’ll see a convenient open form for submitting requests. We collect the minimum information needed from the client, just their name, phone, an optional email, and an optional description of what they need.

Next, we have the so-called “trust badges.” These are popular review services and ratings, like BBB, A+ rating, Google Reviews, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, and Facebook Reviews. Each goes to the corresponding page.

To build trust, we feature a prominent section showcasing positive client reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Home Advisor and Angie’s List. These reviews demonstrate customer satisfaction and build credibility.

Services Section:

Each service is shown in a card format with a picture and a title. If a person clicks on one, they’ll be taken to the corresponding service page. This format allows for a more visually appealing demonstration of the service, and it’s also effective for SEO because each service will have its own separate page optimized for a relevant search query.

Benefits / Why choose us Section :

Now, let’s move to a Benefits section titled ‘What Makes Wray’s Septic Your Septic Solution?’ We use short, clear phrases that accurately reflect the benefits of working with us, accompanied by custom, visually appealing icons in our brand style that stand out from generic competitors. These icons attract attention, making visitors more likely to read and remember the benefits.

About the Owner:

Next, you’ll see a section dedicated to the owner, Mark Wilson. They’ll tell his story, emphasizing his dedication to delivering premium quality septic solutions, highlighting his passion for customer service, and his experience in the industry. The “About the Owner” block helps create a more personal connection with the company. People buy from people, not companies, so this personal aspect is very important. We reveal the owner’s story and vision, highlighting their long-standing presence in the community and their extensive experience in the business. A high-quality photo of them against the backdrop of their work equipment emphasizes their involvement. Their “skin in the game” and willingness to risk their reputation builds trust.


Now, we come to the process section. This is where they visually outline the five steps of their process:

This section aims to create a clear path in the mind of a potential customer, guiding them from point A (where they are now) to point B (their dream outcome). It makes it clear how they can achieve their desired result, and it shows that it’s not complicated. Uncertainty and lack of understanding are major obstacles to purchase, and we remove these barriers.

Past Works:

A section with photos of past projects, showcasing work and expertise. Information about septic tank installations that have been completed. The visitor can click on a photo and see more details. One of the most crucial tools for building trust, alongside testimonials, is showcasing past work. It allows the visitor to see that projects have been successfully completed, giving them confidence that their project will be handled well too.


In this section, we explain how potential clients can save money and explore financing options if they don’t have the full amount upfront. This is important because not everyone has the full sum readily available. We highlight exclusive savings on septic systems, offering options like 0% interest rates, convenient payment plans, and discounts for seniors, veterans, and first responders. They may even offer referral bonuses for those who recommend their services.

Service Area:

To show their reach, they’ll clearly outline their service area with a map and a list of cities, showcasing which areas they serve. Titled ‘Serving All Southeast Michigan.’

BLOG – Latest Articles:

The website likely includes a section with helpful articles about septic systems. These articles provide valuable information and insights, and they also help improve the website’s visibility in search engines.

Finally, we have a footer. It contains all the necessary information – the menu, information about the company, services, contact information, etc. It also has a duplicate call-to-action button (“Get a Free Quote”) which triggers a pop-up block where a visitor can fill out a request form.



The website is designed to build trust, demonstrate expertise, and encourage customer interaction. It’s a well-structured and effective platform that clearly communicates the company’s brand message and highlights its strengths, effectively conveying a commitment to customer satisfaction. It addresses common objections and encourages visitors to reach out. The website builds a personal connection with potential clients, humanizing the company.