Comprehensive List of Roofing Keywords for SEO & PPC
When it comes to achieving online success and generating leads, understanding the search landscape is paramount. Effective keyword research can significantly boost your website's traffic and, ultimately, your sales.

Many roofing professionals and contractors often limit their online marketing efforts to common keywords when running Google Ads campaigns or optimizing their websites. Unfortunately, this approach is quite common among marketing agencies as well. To truly excel in your online endeavors, it's essential to delve deeper into the world of keywords, uncovering valuable terms that potential customers are actively searching for, especially those closer to the point of making a purchase.

  • Consider this: Who is more likely to convert into a customer—someone searching for "roofer" or someone seeking "asphalt roof replacement"? The answer is likely the latter. The key to unlocking substantial returns lies in identifying these less obvious, yet highly valuable, "golden nugget" keywords that often go unnoticed by your competitors.

Location-Based Roofer Keywords

In the residential and commercial roofing industry, some of the most coveted keywords revolve around general roofing terms combined with specific city or state locations. These are what we term as "money keywords" in SEO.

However, it's important to note that these keywords are often highly competitive, making it challenging to rank for them organically. Additionally, they tend to be more expensive when bidding on pay-per-click (PPC) platforms like Google Ads.

Here is a list of commonly used location-based roofing keywords:
You can also mix and match these keywords, incorporating stop words like "Roofers in [City]." To maximize your SEO efforts, consider creating dedicated service pages for each keyword. For example, if you're targeting commercial roofing, develop a comprehensive service page focused solely on commercial roofing solutions.

Over 150 High-Impact Roofing Keywords for SEO & PPC

Below is a snippet from our extensive repository of roofing keywords, meticulously curated to drive exceptional results in both SEO and PPC campaigns. These keywords have consistently proven to generate substantial leads:
This extensive list provides a solid foundation for your roofing marketing efforts. Properly categorize these keywords into ad groups, and you'll be well on your way to online success.

Alternatively, consider exploring our lead programs, where we handle all the research, SEO, and advertising on your behalf, with a unique pay-per-performance model. Don't squander your budget on tired, overused keywords—be distinctive and watch your profits soar!
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